Bpi Sports Best Protein Bar - Vanilla Cupcake (12 Bars in a Pack)

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Bpi Sports Best Protein Bar - Vanilla Cupcake (12 Bars In A Pack)
20g of Protein, 17g of Fiber, Delicious Protein Bar
Reshape, Rebuild and Recover With This Great-Tasting Protein Bar*

Tired of eating protein bars that taste like cardboard? Those days are a thing of the past! The BEST PROTEIN BAR, from BPI is not only packed with nutrition, but it tastes amazing! With delicious flavors to choose from, you're sure to find your new favorite protein bar, for the best snacking experience, anytime, anywhere! Taking a bite of a BEST PROTEIN BAR is like getting two treats in one! It's rich and soft, with that fresh-baked feel. Don't settle for a bar that's sticky or jaw-wrenchingly hard! To make something great even better, the BEST PROTEIN BAR boasts delicious chunks of cookies, chocolate or other mouth-watering goodness, depending on the flavor. You definitely can't call this bar ordinary! The BEST PROTEIN BAR packs an unrivaled punch of flavor, texture and nutrition. With no other fillers like maltodextrin and corn fiber, the BEST PROTEIN BAR boasts 20 grams of the ideal protein mix: whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate and whey powder. Reshape, rebuild and recover with this protein bar that’s all great taste! Plus, the BEST PROTEIN BAR has zero trans fat and 15g - 17g of fiber, depending on the flavor.


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