Garden Greens Probiotic Fiber - 120 Gummies

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Garden Greens Probiotic Fiber - 120 Gummies

Most struggle to eat the recommended 25 to 38 grams of fiber each day. Taking fiber supplements, like Fiber Gummies is one way to fill the gap. Fiber supplements are usually made from "functional" fibers, which is fiber that is isolated or extracted from plants or animals. Common functional fibers include: Inulin and oligofructose - Prebiotic ingredients that can stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria that may support immunity and gastrointestinal health.* Psyllium - Effective in supporting digestive health.* Other functional fibers include: Guar gum, pectin, chitosan, cellulose, methylcellulose, beta-gucans, polydextrose, resistant dextrins, fructooligosaccharides, and acacia fibers. All functional fibers are either soluble or insoluble. In general, research suggests that soluble fiber helps support healthy cholesterol levels already in normal range.* Insoluble fiber speeds waste through the body and promotes regularity.* The body needs dietary fiber to function properly. One of the main reasons for supplementing with fiber is for digestive health; supporting regularity and promoting overall colon health.* It works naturally with the biological rhythm of the body. Other benefits of fiber include: May help maintain healthy cholesterol levels - already in normal range.* Supporting healthy glucose levels -already in healthy range.* Skin Health - fiber is suggested to support skin elasticity.*