Lifestyle Nutrition LLC since its humble beginnings in 1992, has earned the trust of bodybuilding professionals and fitness enthusiasts as young adults to elderly, both men and women - to achieve their fitness goals, recover faster from injuries, improve immunity and to look and feel confident.

Today, the retail brand has established its presence in the United Arab Emirates with over over 40 retail outlets situated in prime locations/shopping malls around the Emirates, offering all-encompassing solutions for the health-and-fitness-conscious. Lifestyle Nutrition is a multi-channel retailer, focusing on giving its customers more of what they require at a place convenient to them, with the care of our friendly and professional advice. Our store formats include: Owned-retail outlets, Franchised-retail outlets, Store-within-a-store kiosks and an online e-commerce store.

Lifestyle Nutrition has distribution warehouses that are temperature and humidity controlled carrying around $ 5-7 million worth of inventory at any given time. 


General Enquiries - Head Office (UAE)   -  +971-43926265
Direct Dial our Online Order Fulfillment Center  -  +971-554409790
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Mr. Abdulla Binghalaita - Chief Executive Office - CEO
Mr. Howard Heaton - General Manager
Mr. T L Shajy - Finance Manager  
Mr. Syed Iqbal Hussein - Wholesale Manager
Mr. Mohammad Fahim - Retail Operations Manager
Ms. Leena Vazirani - Marketing Manager
Ms. Nyo Mu - Human Resources